Sunday, 4 August 2013

Birds & Butterfly Plaques for Handmade Monday

Oh hello, it's nice to see you all. 
You can tell it's summer can't you, not just because it's sunny and warm (most of the time) but because people keep disappearing for a week or two. Not me though, I've been a stay at home for now and enjoying the sunny days. I've been keeping busy, mainly with new plaques and it's nice to report that a few have been a direct result from this blog. This is one of them..... 

This is an excerpt from an email I received......
'I was just looking at your blog and saw a 
bedroom door plaque that I would be interested 
in purchasing for my 1 month old daughter........... 
Do you post items to Australia?'

Of course I said 'yes' and this is the finished Plaque. Purples, pinks and butterflies are a popular choice for little girls.This plaque was requested without a ribbon so it could be attached to the door with sticky pads.

Little Girls Door Plaque

This safely found it's way to Australia and I received a lovely reply (Thank you Andrew)......
'Thank you very much. The plaque is perfect 
and looks great up on my daughters door.
Tahlia will be extremely happy 
with it for years to come'.

Don't you just love it when you get great feedback.
I also had more orders from WowThankyou , Tracey (owner of WTY) works hard at promoting her site and with my own networking this has proven to be a successful online store. My latest orders have been.........

Simon's Garden Plaque has twine for hanging in the garden.

A Plaque for Simon's Garden

and on a similar theme....

A Plaque for Daniel's Den

The Plaque for Daniel's Den has been made so it can be screwed onto a door.


As usual I've linked this post to Wendy's Linky Party over at Handmade Harbour   I'm off for a nosey at who else is taking part, why don't you join me.

Jan x


  1. Absolutely beautiful plaques. I adore this one with a robin and the purple one is gorgeous too!
    Clever you!

  2. Lovely plaques. It's wonderful to think that one is sitting on someone's wall on the other side of the world.
    Ali x

  3. The plaques are gorgeous. I particularly like the purple butterfly one.x

  4. How great to have so many orders, and very exciting to have one going to the other side of the world.

  5. How amazing to have some of your work sitting over in Australia. How lovely that you are being sort after and given such lovely feed back. I hope you have another great week. xx

  6. First time looking at your blog. Love that 'Daniels Den' one. Really lovely! And yes it is really heart warming to get comments like that!

  7. Your plaques are so pretty and I am sure Tahlia's was really thrilled with her's. Well done on the sales from WowThankYou. Hope you have a good week.

  8. Your plaques are really sweet, I especially like the little girls door one - and how amazing to be asked by someone in Australia to make something for them - it goes to show your crafts are very sort after. Well done.

  9. Tahlia's plaques is gorgeous and will look lovely on her bedroom door for many years to come xx

  10. I love these plaques. It is so nice to be asked to create something because people like your work and to have such nice feed back too is a bonus :)

  11. The plaques are very cute. Nice work!

  12. They are very good your plaques and how great to have an enquiry like that from Australia and such lovely feedback!

  13. Really lovely plaques, the butterfly looks especially lovely x

  14. Your commission plaque is gorgeous, brilliant work and congrats on your sales.

  15. These are so lovely, especially the robin one :0)

  16. Just had a look through your gallery - just love your work. The mushrooms/toadstools are beautiful.

  17. Wow you have been busy!!! Plaques are super too. Sounds like really taking off for you... whoop!!! esley x

  18. oooh how fun to send one of your lovely plaques over to Australia!

    I love how they are all so unique to the individuals lucky enough to receive them. My fav of today's is 'Daniel's Room' - the little robin is just adorable! x

  19. Awwww they're gorgeous! I love sending items overseas and especially when they come with such wonderful praise! Think the Robin is absolutely stunning - I love him! Simmi x


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