Sunday, 21 October 2012

Zombies & Vampire Bats

After a rainy Friday it's been a bit of a soggy weekend at the Pumpkin Patch, this was my 3rd weekend and despite the wet and muddy field we had a great time, it's a really friendly event with a lovely atmosphere.

Sock Zombies & Sock Bats

My Sock Zombies and Bats sold out and I had to make more, here is the last one I made....

Zombie Doll

He was sold today so it looks like I'll be busy doing more for next weekend, along with Fairy Doors and Bunting, what a mixture, but hey, I'm not complaining, it's great to have sales.
Halloween and the Pumpkin Patch has taken up most of my time this month but this week I did manage to join a new community page on Facebook Craft Couture. It was started by Gina of Zuleikha Art who has a shop over at Folksy, she says:- 

 "Artisans and Crafters can only be successful if their work is known and found buy the wider community and not just within fellow crafting circles. A difficult task and one which Craft Couture hopes to turn around. This page will allow you to share your work via links and promoting your latest works". 

Anyone that runs a Facebook page knows that is not as easy as it once was. It is now more difficult to reach your fan base and we need to try other ways to increase visibility of posts in our fans’ news-feeds.
One way of doing this is by sharing and commenting on links. Did you know that comments on a post rank higher than a like on a post? so by commenting and sharing posts and encouraging others to do the same will help ensure your updates continue to appear in  news-feeds.
Facebook also puts more weight on posts with photos attached so by simply adding a photo gives it a better chance of appearing in your fans’ news-feeds, and it's much nicer to share a post that has a good picture.

Craft Couture says  
"We only ask that you share on your personal page amongst your family and friends as this will spread the word beyond our craft community to those who do not craft themselves but would love to buy handmade. We love the concept of sharing work you like and that you feel the people who follow you would be interested in. This can only create a more natural talking point increasing your page activity and the activity to the pages of work you share".

This page is not like other pages that demand you 'like' for a 'like'. This suits me because I don't want to be told what pages to like. If I see a page that I enjoy, admire or simply want to help boost followers I will click the box and like them without demanding they like me in return. 
Craft Couture are planning on choosing a photo from a followers album to use as their cover photo and changing it on a regular basis to give everyone a turn. At the moment they are using one of my Welcome Plaques.
Welcome Plaque
So why not pop over and have a nosey, if you like what you see and want do more networking or just support crafters and artisans then feel free to 'like' (or not). You don't need to be a crafter to join.
I'm off to check out my weekly fix at the Handmade Monday's Linky Party

Jan X


  1. It does seem to have got even more difficult to get noticed on facebook- I've noticed my views have gone down dramatically and even my cousin admitted she never sees any of my work appear in her activity feed anymore. It's very cynical of them.
    Love your zombies and bats- not surprised they sold so quickly!

  2. Your zombies are great, not surprised they sold out.
    Facebook is becoming more and more tricky isn't it? My views have decreased over the past couple of weeks and it is so difficult to know what to do. I will pop over and check out Craft Couture - thanks for the reference.

  3. Your zombies are amazing - I can see why they sold so well. One of the things I don't like about Facebook is the sheer high number of people almost demanding and definitely expecting a like back. It just feels so odd to me.

  4. Zombies and fairies different ends of the spectrum! Glad that everything sold well and you have to make some more.

  5. i will definitely check out craft couture, it sounds like an interesting idea and i agree, the handmade community needs to reach outside of itself to really get noticed..

    well done on the popularity of your sock zombies! how wonderful to be so in demand, they really are fab :) x

  6. Your zombies are surprisingly cute despite being zombies! Like the idea of Craft Couture - have just popped over to have a look and really liked what I saw :)

  7. great sock zombies + i will check out facebook craft couture also!

  8. I do find posts on my facebook page with photos get a lot more hits and people tend to comment more on photos than just status updates. Loveing your zombies so cool :)

  9. I must admit to not using Facebook very well - tend to add a few comments, likes, etc, but not use it to support/promote my business - thank you for the information on using it as a promotional tool. I love your zombies - not surprised they sold well, they are great. Hope you have a good week.

  10. Thank you for those tips, I shall have a look at that link too. I'm not surprised you sold out of the sock bats and zombies, I can just imagine loads of kids clamouring to get a hold of them, they're brilliant! x

  11. I am not at all surprised the zombies and bats sold out....they are fab!! Am not a fan of Halloween personally, but your little fellows are just great and could just persuade me to believe in evil spirits just a little... Hope you have a great week x

  12. I so agree about the mass of Like for Like demands, and Twitter followbacks for that matter - these Likes or Follows are not worth anything if the person isn't really interested.
    As a disliker of Zombies and most things Halloween I do like your latest sock zombie!!

  13. It must be a great feeling to make something that is really popular. Well done. Hope that they are not too difficult to make so you can keep up with the demand :)

  14. I like all your zombies. They are delightfully gruesome.

  15. The zombies and bats look great. I can see why they sold so well.
    Ali x

  16. Your bats and zombies all look great. No wonder they are selling so fast. Either that or they wander out looking for blood and brains :-D

  17. I think your Zombie bats and dolls are so much fun and the last one is extra spooky in the black and white


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