Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fairy Doors & Wooden Bunting

What a busy time I've had, It's been the last weekend at the Pumpkin Patch Craft Fair and the weather wasn't kind. On Saturday it rained, it hailed, we had sleet and it was muddy. The crossbow people decided it was too cold and windy to set up, the ponies were spooked by the wind, the rain and the lightening so they were taken back to their stables and visitors were a bit thin on the ground, I don't blame them either, it was a day for most people to stay at home in comfort and warmth.
But don't think it was all doom and gloom, the people that did venture out were warm and friendly and I had a few sales and orders. Saturday was also the yearly Village Art Show to raise money for the Poppy Appeal. Money is raised by paying £1.00 for each painting entered into the show, the obligatory raffle and by donations. I entered my 'Toadstool Painting' and for those who haven't seen it before I posted about it Here.
I'm pleased to say that my painting was sold. We'll know in the next few days how much was raised altogether.

Sunday's weather faired a bit better and we had a busier day, (did you all remember to turn your clocks back)? My most popular items were my Zombie Art Dolls and Zombie Sock Dolls, after them came Wooden Bunting, Fairy Doors and Hearts.

Fairy Doors

Bunting for Grace

Wooden Bunting

So all in all a good weekend was had and a great but tiring month was enjoyed and I've signed up again for next year.

I'm going to pop over to Handmade Harbours linky party and check out what everyone else has been up to. I hope you can join me.

Jan X


  1. The weather for your event on Saturday sounds dreadful and such a shame, but it sounds as though you enjoyed it. Glad it improved for Sunday and you did well. Not surprised your zombie dolls did well - they are great, as is your wooden bunting. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Good to hear your painting sold, but not surprising as it was gorgeous. Oh, this weather has a lot to answer for, doesn't it? Still, at least you managed to get out there and sell some things and meet people. I do love those fairy doors - I love the irregularity in them!

  3. well done at the weekend's craft fairs! i'm glad you survived the weather and made some sales :)

    i love your fairy doors, they are just adorable x

  4. I feel cold just thinking about that weather - well done for sticking it out. And it's lovely to hear that the month was a success too.
    Love the wooden bunting - so pretty.

  5. The bunting is so pretty. Well done for sticking with the fair throughout the bad weather. x

  6. It's wonderful to hear your painting sold. The fairy doors look pretty I bet they'll be really popular with girls. I think the wooden bunting is a great idea.
    Have a crafty week.
    Ali x

  7. Good to hear that your paintingsold, but i would have been more surprised if it hadnt! I love the bunting, its really pretty x

  8. The fair sounds horrendous on Saturday so well done on going back! The wooden bunting is a really nice idea for a present.

  9. Love those Fairy Doors. Have fun at thwe Village Art Show x


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