Monday, 23 January 2012

A Lion and a Monkey on a canvas

Hello all, I hope you are well, yesterday I decided to put some of my canvases in an album titled (unsurprisingly) 'Canvases' on my Facebook page, I've only got a few on there for now but I will be adding more. I put the Beach Huts, shown in last weeks post, in the album and plan to put these ones HERE into it sometime this week.

The canvases below were painted quite a while ago as a commission which was a direct result of being seen at a Craft Fair, a lady seen some of my work and wanted a Name Canvas for her little boy but wanted a different canvas for each letter of his name, she also requested a lion face and a monkey face painted in orange and yellow on 2 more canvases, so 7 canvases in all. I emailed my ideas across to her and this is the set she chose.
Isn't technology great for this sort of thing, at one time I would had to set up a meeting or post via the pigeon and the whole process would of taken weeks, now things are more instant.

The Lion on canvas

The Monkey on canvas

The first 4 canvases

The stem of the leaves running through the painting are done as a continuous line
The last 3 canvases

Each canvas measures 8 x 8inches with a deep edge and the Lion and the Monkey can be placed at either the beginning or the end of the set.

The finished set

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Take care all

Jan X


  1. How lovely they are! The finished set looks soooo good. I bet Lucas and his mum were very pleased with them. Hope you have a good week.

  2. These are brilliant and will look good in a child's bedroom. Love the oriental style lettering.

  3. These are fab! I totally agree about technology and commissions. I often send pictures and sketches out, and people send me photos too, to incorporate something into a design (pets, caravans, you name it!). It makes life so much easier.

  4. Jan they are lovely canvases, and what a fab way of spelling out the little boy's name :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, I feel a bit lonely out there sometimes:)
    What lovely happy canvases, lucky boy.

  6. I love the fact that this looks so jolly... I know that is a really old fashioned word but the group makes me smile so much and feel really happy... just the way I used to feel curled up with Enid Blyton :)

  7. Lucas is going to be one very happy child. It looks fantastic, I particularly like the cheeky face on the monkey. x

  8. That is so charming! I love both the monkey AND the lion! You have such a knack for making them cute and with personality just leaping off the canvas. Bravo! I know my boys would have loved it.

  9. Jan, this is amazing! I love the font you have used and the vine flowing across looks fab. Great work!

    Ali x

  10. Fantastic canvases so bright and funky.

  11. Wow Jan these are gorgeous! Mich x

  12. These are amazing! I like the cheeky grin the lion seems to have. Quite clever to paint this so the lion and monkey are interchangable.

  13. I wish I could paint, or draw, or sketch... I love your work.

  14. Lovely, what a fab way to decorate a child's bedroom.Lucky boy.
    Jo x


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