Monday, 9 May 2011

Two new Plaques

Hi all I hope you had a good week. 
I have another couple of my Plaques to show you this week.

 Girly colours were needed for this one and I don't think you can get more girly than pinks and lilacs.


Previously I have painted this Dad's Den Plaque in various ways, sometimes painted with a pint of Lager or a Guinness but this one is a G&T with Ice and a Slice.
The nice thing about painting these Plaques to order is I can change the wording and the picture to whatever the customer wants. This Dad's Den Plaque has been ordered for Fathers Day.


In my previous post I showed you a little snippet of a series of small canvases I'm painting, well I haven't finished them yet, I was planning to do them over the week-end but found once again that there just isn't enough time in the day to get everything done. I did manage to get a smidgeon done on Friday afternoon and hopefully I'll finish them in the next couple of days.

I'm off to start having a look at all the other wonderful blogs that take part in Wendys Handmade Monday.
It's great to see what all you other crafters are up to. Don't forget to leave a comment if you can as we all appreciate visits and comments.


  1. Lovely plaques and I am really looking forward to seeing those finished canvasses!

    Ali x
    Ali's Craft Studio

  2. Love the Zoey plaque! Beach canvasses looking fun...Nancy

  3. I love the 'dad' plaque. What a great idea for fathers day. Your 'beach' pictures have got me very intrigued can't wait to see the finished results Caroline

  4. Oooh the canvas paintings look like they're coming on nicely. looking forward to seeing them in all their glory!

  5. Those are excellent. Love the painting and the colors on Zoey! Whoever gets that is a lucky girl!

  6. Very colourful plaques. Your beach pictures are very interesting, I just want to pop my head around the picture to open the door to the hut and see what's inside ...

  7. Beach, sea and hut, you have definately caught my interest! Cant wait to see the end result.
    love the plaques also

  8. Fantastic plaques, especially love the girlie one. Cant wait to see your finished canvases.
    Hugs Sue x

  9. Love those little toadstools on the girlie plaque. Oh and that G&T on the dads plaque is making e thirsty! :)

  10. Love the crispness of the Dads Den one.

  11. Love the girlie plaque, so pretty. enjoy creating


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