Thursday, 24 February 2011

Yay... I managed it!!!!

I finally managed to set up my ickle shop on Folksy and this is my first attempt at a link, I hope it works, if not you will just have to put in a bit of work and go find it yourself. My shop is called Handcrafted by Picto... don't forget those capitals now. I need to figure out how I put this link into the side bar but hey that will be for another day, it's all a learning curve.

I only have 2 things on there at the moment and I've been advised, by someone in the know, nudge nudge wink wink, that it is best to add a new item every other day or so. It's also good to get involved with the forum etc.... with all this work when am I going to be able to do my bits and bobs? I'll just have to be crafty to be crafty.

 I got a nice order today, 3 plaques, a monkey and a rabbit but I'll chat about that in my next visit.
Nite nite for now x

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