Monday, 21 February 2011

Ist Post

Well now, this is my first ever post, so what do I say, It feels strange writing something that other people will read (hopefully).
I've never done a blog before and I am not very computer savvy so I envisage a lot of errors and mistakes along the way. 
The reason behind the blog.... I 'do' crafts and I want to get more involved with other crafty people, I want other's to see what I can do and I want to sell my crafts. I need to, I am an habitual crafter and I keep making things. 
I belong to a couple of forums, one for all things crafty and the other is a book forum. I already do the occasional craft fair, have a face book page and advertise my wares locally. I will add links when I figure out how to do it!!!!!
I also need to figure out 'tags', 'uploading photo's' and what to cook for dinner????? 
So cheerio for now, I'll get back to you soon

♥ ♥

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