Friday, 16 March 2018

Afternoon Tea with Folksy Friday

I sat in front of the computer and thought "what shall I do for today's Folksy Friday Post",  there are so many lovely things to choose from sometimes it's difficult to come up with a theme. While pondering this dilemma I popped into the kitchen to make myself a cuppa and maybe add a biscuit or two... naughty I know. Then it hit me... tea, no the tea didn't hit me, the idea did! afternoon tea would be my theme.

First I need tea

 a selection of teas from

or should I have coffee, with or without sugar?

choose your label from

then a nice big mug to put it in

a great choice of mug from

Should I have a Jammy Dodger

Choose your favorite biscuit to wear from

or should I have cake

there are no calories in this pincushion cake by

What would you have?

While you enjoy your cuppa why not pop over to Folksy, a great UK online market place

Jan x 

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