Friday, 26 January 2018

Moonlight Silhoulette of a Unicorn and Other Animals

Following on from my Sunrise Silhouette painting I thought I'd do a Moonlight selection, once again using the sketches and artwork I already have as inspiration,

I've already done a few star and moon gazey paintings, here is a selection that I used as a starting point, there are a couple of  Aceo's of a hare and a fox, a framed picture of a moon gazing hare and a unicorn on canvas.

For this Moon Light series I wanted the colours to be a bit more dramatic so like my previous Sun series I painted the center the palest colour, in this case, white.

 I then gradually went darker as I went outwards with the edges a very dark blue, almost black but not quite as I needed the black lines of the trees to show up. I love painting the Unicorn, you can see the process of choosing the silhouette in my previous post

I painted the hearts in the same way and chose the Wolf, the Fox and the Hare for the center, the back of these hearts are painted blue with silver hearts.

The Unicorn plaque has a 'D' fixing on the back for hanging up or why not prop it on a shelf or desk using a little easel or plate display stand.

You can find all these items in my Handcrafted by Picto Folksy Shop

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