Friday, 1 December 2017

Robins appear when Loved Ones are Near, Hearts for Christmas and Folksy Friday

Yesterday was an icy day with a smattering of snow but as it often is in the UK it doesn't last long, it rained all evening and washed it all away so today is wet and grey but no slippy ice.

Bbrrrr icy car window
  I've been putting the bird feeders out and they have been much used. 

I've also been painting some hearts, 
I thought Robins would suit this time of year.

Robin on a branch
A Large Hanging Heart with a Robin and Holly, 
this heart is 14cm at it's widest and tallest.

Robin in the Snow

This is another Large Heart with the Robin in the Snow, these 2 Large Hearts are painted plain blue on the back.
These next two are Small Hearts, just 6cm tall and at the widest.

Robin in the Snow

Robins appear when loved ones are near

These small Hearts are double sided, the back of the Heart has the quote 
'Robins appear when Loved Ones are Near'

A quartet of Robins

 Here are all 4 Hearts together, there's a big difference in size, they all have a pretty ribbon for hanging up and are finished off with varnish and a shimmer of sparkle. 

You may find these in my Folksy Shop or in my Etsy Shop, you can always contact me via the shops or leave a comment.

Now as it's # FOLKSY FRIDAY I want to show you a few more Robins from the Folksy Folk, I'll pop their shop link under the photo's.

A Lovely Mug Cosy for those cold winter days, you can get this from Hook and Loop

This gorgeous necklace can be had at  Claire Gent Design

Happy Cards to make you smile from the lovely Tilly Print

Thank you for joining me.

Jan x

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  1. I love your robins,i see you do commissions, i've been over to your page and sent you a message. thankyou.


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