Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Wrist Rest for Keyboard and Mouse

I like to do my typing at my desktop computer but find that I need a wrist support, I had been using a hard plastic one that came with my keyboard but it wasn't that comfortable. Sooooo like most crafters I have a fabric stash and plenty of toy stuffing so I made one, I liked it so much I made more.

The first one I made was this spotty leopard, no wild cats were harmed in the making of this wrist rest, I found toweling was much the better option.

A Wildcat Keyboard Rest
 Or how about a cute purple Dachshund with floppy orange ears. He makes a great desktop pet too.

A cute wrist rest for comfort

 I then decided that a fish would be an ideal shape for laying on the desk, what do you think?

A fishermans helper
They all come with a matching mouse pad, this one is made of denim fabric with an appliqued fish.  

Wrist Support and Mouse Pad
I love my desktop pet, it not only  makes it comfortable to type but these sort of pets don't need feeding, are not demanding and look good keeping guard of my desk.

My Desktop Pet

Wrist Support Desktop Pets

 Happy typing....

Jan x

I'm popping over to Handmade Monday  over at Sum of their Stories, why not join me, there are lots of great crafting blogs to see. 



  1. Wow, Jan, that is such a cute idea. Much more fun than a regular black or grey squishy wrist support.

  2. I love the fish!! These are a nice idea and they look great.


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