Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Hare Gazing at the Moon

Hello all, for this weeks Linky Party  I thought I show you this painting that is in my Etsy Shop. The Hare Gazing at the Moon is a very popular image and one I enjoy painting.

Hare Painting in Mount

It is painted with Acrylic Paints and set in a cream mount.

Hare Gazing at the Moon


Detail of Hare and Seedheads

It would make a lovely piece of Nursery Art, I hope you like it.

Jan x


  1. It's beautiful, I can see why it is popular. It reminds me of one of my favourite children's books - Guess How Much I Love You? It ends with Big Nutbrown Hare saying "I love you to the moon........and back" I must remember to check out your Etsy shop too.

    1. I'm going to make a concerted effort this week to get around all the regular bloggers Etsyers and favourite their shops :) I use that saying in lots of my things, I got it from a poster and didn't know it came from a book until someone told me a couple of years ago :)

  2. This painting is beautiful, I love the colour of the sky. I'm not sure why but it makes me feel happy :) If you like pictures of hares you may be interested in Marmalade Rose. She creates stunning pictures of hares and other animals in felt.

  3. I love hares and this is a beautiful image, as you say, perfect for a child's room.
    Penny (Planet Penny)

  4. It reminds me of Watership Down, but I think that is just because I sat and watched it at Christmas. The seedheads are so pretty.

  5. Aww i love the classic image of a hare with the moon and your painting is gorgeous :) x

  6. That's a beautiful painting. I have a moon gazing hare in my conservatory - I have always like the image. x

  7. I love the clouds trailing across the moon. Very atmospheric.

  8. Totally stunning! I have a totally Hare mad friend so shall be sending her the link asap! xxx

  9. Absolutely beautiful. I love the detail with the seed heads.
    Ali xx

  10. Please come and continue to join in with Handmade Monday, I shall be hosting it on my site from this Sunday but everything else remains the same.

  11. It is so beautiful. The detail is exquisite xx


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