Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hellooooo, I'm back.....

Gosh it's been so long since I've wrote a post, I've got a lot of catching up to do. I've still been around and been busy with a few orders and commissions but I haven't been doing much networking and some work has had to be put on the back burner for a while. But before I tell you why, do you remember the cute little collared doves that had a disastrous nesting experience ? well things turned out ok in the end...

After getting 2 lots of eggs destroyed by larger birds and persevering with a third nest the story ends well.

Here is mum with her 2 'babies', both parents have been spending lots of time in the garden feeding the chicks, they must be doing a great job as the chicks are growing quite rapidly.

Mum has a damaged foot, it's probably due to the ongoing battle with the magpies.

The chicks have started feeding themselves as well as still pestering mum and dad.
They're also just beginning to get their distinctive black collar.

Over to my news.....  some of you may know that my husband rides a motorcycle, while out on a nice sunny day a couple of months ago he was knocked off his bike by a motorist coming out of a farm track, the car driver didn't see him, well long story short hubby was in the hospital for a while with a broken back and a smashed ankle, he is, I'm happy to say, on the mend but it will take quite a while for things to be anywhere near normal. He has pins and plates in his ankle and a back brace on, according to the specialist he was lucky it was a 'nice clean break' So as you can imagine, things have been a bit traumatic and emotional around here. But like the doves, perseverance, a great fighting spirit and stubbornness, as well as our brilliant NHS, will make help make things right in the end.

Now on with the crafty bit.....

At the start of this post I said that I'd been getting on with a few commissions, I'll be showing you some of these over the next few weeks but to start with, here are 3 of my Fairy Doors....

Small Personalised Fairy Door

Personalised Medium sized Fairy Door


Medium sized Tooth Fairy Door

Hopefully I'll get around to see some of the blogs that I follow and I've also added this post to the Handmade Harbour Linky Party so I'll see you there.

Take care out there

Jan x


  1. It's so nice that you are back. I love these little fairy doors you created. What a great idea! I hope you have a great week.

  2. Oh I am so glad your husband is on the mend. It must have been an awful time for you both. As usual your doors are beautiful. I always love seeing the tiny details you include.
    Ali xx

    1. Thank you, he's a toughie.
      I love doing all the little details.

  3. How scary for you and your hubby. I love that the birds story has had a happy ending, and your fairy doors are awesome.

    1. I love watching the birds and it was great that I managed to get the photo's.

  4. I hope your husband is completely recovered soon. I love the photos of the doves. The mum looks so caring.

    1. All mum seems to do is fly back and forth feeding the babies, it's a joy to watch.

  5. Oh my goodness your poor hubby! Poor you too, it must have been such a stressful time, i'm so glad he's on the mend.

    I love your fairy doors! They are enchanting, full of the magic of fairy land :) x

    1. Our stress levels went through the roof but we're starting to get into a bit of a routine now.

      I think the doors are one of my favourite things to paint and it greatly pleases me that other people love them too. :)

  6. Adorable doors and love and hugs to hubby xx


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