Monday, 12 May 2014

Guy Martin's Big Brew and a Man Cave Plaque

Now that the weather is improving (honestly it is) the hubster and I are out and about most week ends, my husbands passion is his motorcycle and last bank holiday week end (3rd May) we took a small part in Guy Martins Big Brew, a charity bike ride raising money for research to find treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. Guy Martin had a huge accident at the Isle of Man TT in 2010, he had suffered broken vertebrae but was lucky he wasn't paralysed, he is now an ambassador for Spinal Research.  This is a few of us stopping off at our village post office and tea rooms for tea and cake.

Guy Martins Big Brew, Local Ride Out

 I chose this commissioned plaque to show you this week....

Man Cave Plaque

I'm busy painting outdoor plaques and Fathers Day gifts at the moment so I hope to show you some of these next week.

Meanwhile an update on my Nesting Collared Doves, not good news I'm afraid, the first egg had hatched and mum was feeding a tiny little chick but the nest was so open it was spied by the bigger birds, both of the Doves are fine but the nest was raided, mum and dad put up a good fight and lost a few feathers in the process but lost the chick and the 2nd egg. It could of been either the Magpies or the Sparrow Hawks but that's nature, although I have taken the hanging basket down for now and hopefully the doves will find a more secure or secluded place for their next attempt.

Wishing you all a great week

Jan x
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  1. Aww that's sad about the doves :( i'm glad mum and dad are ok though, lets hope they get on better next time...

    Your man cave sign is fantastic! The writing style you've used is perfect :) x

  2. Oh no, the poor little chick....that's so sad

  3. Nature can be cruel at times. I love your man cave sign, I'm sure it was well received.

  4. Wish I'd been with you on the bike ride

  5. Poor birds - must be horrible to not be able to help them! I like the tea and cake part best in the motorbiking!!

  6. Love the plaque. I can think of quite a few people who it would be ideal for.

    Sad to hear about the doves. Nature can be so cruel sometimes.


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