Monday, 21 April 2014

Collared Doves Nesting

No new makes from me today but I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very Happy Easter, I haven't had any chocolate eggs but I have a couple of real eggs in the garden..

Collared Dove Eggs

These belong to a lovely pair of Collared Doves that have decided that an old hanging basket is the ideal place for them to nest, they are only a young pair and this is probably their first 'nest'. They have added nothing to the grass and weeds that were already growing in the basket.

Dove in the Garden

The basket is hanging a couple of feet away from my kitchen window, they have got so used to me that they don't fly away when I open or close the window, they don't even fly away when I am out in the garden unless I'm hanging washing out but as soon as I walk away from the washing line the lovely little dove is back sitting on the eggs.

Collared Dove sitting on eggs

Happy Easter to all who read this and to everyone who takes part in Handmade Monday

Jan x


  1. awww that dove is so sweet. the only birds that come in my garden are pigeons! x

  2. I'm lucky enough to have a few nests, robins, wrens and blackbirds :)

  3. What a fabulous thing to have just outside your window! Happy Easter.

  4. Oh how adorable! Amazing pictures too! x

  5. What beautiful doves, I hope those eggs hatch! xx

  6. My word, how lovely to have a pair of doves right next to your window. Hope the eggs hatch out are an honory auntie to them!

  7. How lucky are you - please keep us posted of hatching and fledging, you should get some amazing pictures! Have a good week-end, Jo x

  8. oh wow! you're so lucky to be able to witness all of that dove nesting and perhaps spot some first chicks!
    amazing photos, one doesnt have a chance to see something like this everyday,
    please share some more photos of the doves.


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