Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Butterfly and Cupcakes Plaques

Hello all, I didn't manage to get over to last weeks Handmade Monday, I was busy painting plaques and the time went so quickly, I'm sure there is a little 'Time Thief' out there somewhere and steals away minutes, hours and even whole days. Here are some of my latest ones.....
 Purple, Lilac and Pink are popular colours for a little girls room.

A Plaque for Isabelle

 Pink and Green look good together for nice clean look

A Plaque for Sara's Pantry

Nan's Kitchen Plaque

 Chocolate cupcakes always look yummy

Chocolate Cupcake Plaque

I love all the different colour combinations that are chosen for the personalised plaques, it's one of the things that makes every one unique. Do you have a favourite colour combination?

This week I had a guest spot on Ragbags and Gladrags, a lovely blog by Claire, she makes great clothes and does lots of artwork too. I hope you pop over for a nosey.

That's me done for this post, I'm looking forward to peeking at all the other great blogs that are linking up to Handmade Harbour

Jan X


  1. Your plaques look wonderful! Such great colour combinations and great artwork x

  2. You have been busy. I think the Nan's pantry one is my favourite.
    Have a good week.

  3. The plaques all look gorgeous. I do love the fact that people can pick their own colours, I agree it makes a big difference. Yes, that time thief visits me too, far too often.

  4. Oh I wish that I had a pantry! Nan's pantry is my favourite too!

  5. I have to say i'm a big fan of pink and green although all the combos you've chosen are lovely. Your cupcakes are gorgeous! Yum, they look good enough to eat!! :)

  6. Your plaques looks great. I know what you mean about there never being enough time. I tend to be a greeny sort of person.

  7. Well done, your plaques are really fabulous. Nice idea to be able to choose colours - very personal. Hope you have a good week.

  8. very pretty plaques :) the cupcake images look good enough to gobble up!! x

  9. They're lovely. It's a great idea being able to choose the colours as it makes them more personal and unique. Being a chocolate lover I'd have to have the cupcake plaque xx

  10. They are beautiful purple and pink go so well together.
    Just popped over from Handmade Monday

  11. The plaques are lovely Jan. I am not a pink fan really, but i think that pink and green go well together :)

  12. Ooh, I wish I could paint that well!

  13. The purple pink theme was around in our house a lot with two girls growing up - definitely a good combination :)


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