Sunday, 24 March 2013

What's in a name?

Help..... I need your input.....
As most of you know, I love doing all sorts of crafts and have a facebook page for showcasing my work. 
I've been doing lots more painting lately, ACEO's, acrylics and canvases, and I have been thinking of setting decided to set up another facebook page just for my Artwork. 
Of course, I'll be keeping my Handcrafted by Picto page and I'll still be making  Plaques and Fairy Doors for my online shops as well as all the other crafts I love. I couldn't stop doing all these things, they're so much fun to make and I love the interaction with my customers.

Plaques & Fairy Doors

The reason behind a separate page is I want to show more of my artwork under my own name and not the Picto name.
I sometimes have my paintings in a couple of local shops and occasionally have exhibitions in local galleries so I think it would be easier to have my 'Art' albums on a new facebook page completely separate from my craft items. I'm sure things will overlap at times but I don't see a problem with that.
As for my blog, that won't be changing, I'll probably just incorporate whatever 'title' I choose into some sort of tag line. 

What I haven't decided yet, is what to call my second page, mmm there are so many options, did I say I needed your help? well here's where you come in, 
should I go with.........

Jan Ryan Art
Jan Ryan Artwork
Jan's Art
Art by Jan
Art by Jan Ryan
or any other combination you think may sound good, your views, ideas and thoughts would be appreciated, I'd love to hear your comments.

I'm linking this post over to Handmade Harbour's Handmade Monday  why don't you pop over, there are lots of great blogs over there

Jan X


  1. It's so hard choosing a name... Hmm.. I think I would have your full name in there somewhere and maybe that it is unique. Perhaps "Unique Artwork by Jan Ryan"

  2. Artwork by Jan Ryan? Sometimes it's best to go with what most accurately describes what your showing I think. Your work is gorgeous and certainly worth showing off.

  3. Jan Ryan's Art or Jan Ryan's Artwork - gets your name in first for google listings etc.

  4. I have no reason like the others except gut feeling but I like the ones with your name at the front.... good luck.

  5. I agree with Ali you need to get your name coming up first on google. Whereas if you put art first tons will come up. Good luck in your new venture.

  6. Well I prefered Art by Jan Ryan to start with but hearing peoples' views on google listings I'm inclined to go with your name first. I like the word 'Art' better than 'Artwork' though, so perhaps 'Jan Ryan's Art' is what I would go with or maybe just Jan Ryan?

  7. Without reading the comment s, I thought Art by Jan Ryan, but do agree that your name needs to be first. My vote is for Jan Ryan's Art. Hope you have a good week.

  8. Definitely use your full name. I like Art by Jan Ryan, but any other combiation with your full name would be good. Good luck with it! x

  9. Oooh that's an exciting development! I will definitely be liking your page once its set up :)

    Hmmm... its hard to choose a name isn't it... i think i'm most drawn to 'Jan Ryan's Artwork'.. all would work well though! x

  10. This is my first visit to your blog and as someone who has no previous knowledge of you or your work my immediate response was Jan Ryan Artworks. It just sounds right...everyday professional.

  11. Like Fran, this is my first visit, but a gut response says Jan Ryan Artworks sounds the most professional. Good luck, whichever you choose!

  12. I like either Jan's Art or Jan Ryan's Art.

    Good luck with what ever you choose.

  13. I think Jan Ryan Artwork rolls off the tongue the best so I would choose that one.

  14. How exciting! I like Jan Ryan Art best :-) Good luck with it! Simmi xx

  15. This is really exciting. I didn't think about google but my first impression when I read you suggestions was Jan Ryan Art. I can't wait to see how it progresses. Good luck.
    Ali x

  16. Good luck with your new venture. I think Jan Ryan's Artwork sounds good.
    Wendy x


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