Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Spider or Spiderman

It's not long now till the Big Day.

Are you organised? 
                                    Have you done all your shopping? 
or are you like me and left everything until the last minute. 
Do you know what you are getting for everyone?       I don't.

Our grandson, after a visit to an Exotic Pets Show, wants a spider... I don't think I'll be getting him one of those!

WARNING...... Don't look at the next photo if you have an aversion to the eight legged hairy crawly things

That Hairy Thing called A Spider

I told you not to look, now get up off the floor and stop screaming.....

If a spider is not on the menu agenda then maybe a million legged creepy crawly thingy......

That Creepy Crawly Giant Millipede

Mmmm I don't think so. I think he should stick with his cute cuddly bunny Mr Fudge

The Cutie Mr Fudge

or maybe just admire his hero...... So what will it be, a spider or a Spiderman?


So, however your arrangements are coming along I hope all your decisions are easy ones

Take care

Jan x


  1. If I had to pick I'd rather have the spider over the millipede, yuch. I see your grandson is a typical boy, I hope he hasn't got a sister to torment :) I've just got wrapping to do now. It all falls into place no matter how late we are.
    Take care. Ali x

    1. No sister to torment and mum & dad like these things so he's in good company :)
      I'd rather have the cuddley bunny.

  2. Spiderman over spiders, bugs and bunnies. Only because my bunny is evil and she hates me :)

    Hope you get everything sorted soon! Know I am still faffing around (so unlike me) so I feel your pain!

    1. This bunny 'Mr Fudge' is sweet, he's a house bunny and very friendly x

  3. Bunnies everytime!!!!! Perhaps you coud make him a spider or millipede! Just wanted to add our praise to your lovely fairy doors - we now have two! Jo x

    1. I'm glad you like the doors, I'm planning different styles so you may end up with a village :)


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