Sunday, 11 November 2012

Christmas Doors? or Christmas Fairy Doors?

I hope you have all been well this week, I was struck down with the dreaded early winter cold and had a few days feeling sorry for myself, but hey ho things don't get done by themselves and I think the housework fairy has gone on holiday.
Ooo, did someone mention 'fairy'? oh yes that was, talking of fairies!!! I was asked if I could do a Christmas Door similar to my small Fairy Doors, so I did, I liked it, so did my customer, so I made some more....
I painted wreaths hanging on the doors

Christmas Doors
  I painted mistletoe

Doors in chilly ice colours

 I painted stockings on some of the doors

Christmas doors in traditional red & green
 I painted snow 

These small Christmas doors measure a cute 2 x 3 inches

I'm due to do a Craft Fair at a village primary school this week so hopefully they will be well received, fingers crossed, I'll also be popping a couple in my Folksy Shop, question is, do I call them 'Christmas Fairy Doors' or just 'Christmas Doors' ? what do you think?

They will have a little label on the back saying that it is a special door so Santa will always find his way into the home (even if you haven't got a chimney)

Before I go I'd like to thank every one who popped over and left messages (or just had a read) of my previous posts, I think I managed to get around most of the other blogs that take part in Handmade Monday, and I'd like to say a big thank you to Wendy for hosting this linky party.

Take care all

Jan x


  1. Love the chilly Christmas doors, but then I'm one of those strange people who love snow! Think you should call them Christmas Fairy Doors so the folk looking for fairy stuff get to see them. Hope you're over the lurgy and have a better week, Alison x

  2. These are adorable and I love the label idea! Thanks for sharing them with us.


  3. I love the doors, I think you should call them Christmas elf doors? I am sure that they will be snapped up - such a really cute idea. Hope you feel better this week. x x

  4. I think the doors are simply gorgeous!! I like that they could be Santa's way in if you don't have a chimney!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!
    S x

  5. Aaaahh, they are beautiful. Christmas Elf doors is a great name. Hope you have a good week.

  6. Oh my word, they are gorgeous. I don't think it matters what you call them, they will be snapped up! I love Sarah's idea - Santa's secret magical doorway! x

  7. Christmas Elf Doors or Santa's Secret Magical Doorway. Whatever you choose to call them, they are lovely and I'll bet you had so much fun making them. x

  8. Hope you are feeling better Jan. I have the lurgy too at the moment. Why do they always strike at weekends?
    Those Doors are absolutely fabulous! Love them all and they should go down a storm. I like the Santa's secret magical doorway idea. I have a fairy door in my Craft Room. But we have a chimney so Santa is OK to get in!

  9. oooh Christmas Fairy Doors i think :) aren't they gorgeous! such attention to detail, i can see these going down very well at the fair..

    i hope you feel better soon, well done for achieving such greatness whilst under the weather! x

  10. I love, love the fairy doors Jan but then I love all things fairy. These will go so well at the school as the little girls will think them magical

  11. Who wouldn't want to peek through a door like this and see what's beyond. Little mice with aprons on/rabbits perhaps/or fairys! You have painted the doors so neatly, but brrr to snow!

  12. The doors you have made are beautiful! I like the title Christmas fairy doors. Maybe you could make a village, an elf community, secret trees and you can tell I love things like that!
    Hope you are feeling better soon
    Wendy x

  13. Loving the Christmas Elf Doors!I bet all the kids without a chimney will be queuing up to buy one :-)

  14. Those doors ar a fab Christmas idea. I'm sure they'll be very popular.

  15. Your doors are gorgeous, I'm sure they'll be a bestseller. I think you should go with name Christmas Fairy Door, it adds to the magic. Good luck with the fair.
    Ali x

  16. Your doors are fabulous - they are bound to sell well. In fact I'm off to Folksy now to see if you have left! Jo x

  17. These are adorable and wonderfully quirky

  18. Awwww I love your christmassy doors - they look great! Hope you feel better now. Simmi x


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