Sunday, 15 July 2012

A wet week and a bit of Fimo

What a week we've had, first it rained, then it rained, then......yes you guessed right, it rained some more. Last week my husband and I set off for a few days camping!!! at a bike rally!!! on the bike!!! it was a bit...
wet and a little bit muddy!!!

A bit wet...
a bit muddy
It took us 4 hours to travel the 150 miles, partially due to the weather and partially due to the fact that we had to traverse the M25 for part of the journey.
But it wasn't all doom and gloom, in between the showers we had sunshine (not much, but it was there), lots of other enthusiasts braved the weather, some came as far afield as Belgium and Switzerland, as well as those from all around the UK and despite the wet stuff we all had a brilliant time.

A few friends at Lodsworth

We were in a beautiful part of Britain, Lodsworth in West Sussex, we popped into the village to the local community shop which was designed and built by Ben Law and some of his apprentices. You may remember Ben Law from Ben Law's Woodland House on T.V's Grand Designs.

Community Village Shop, Lodsworth

We arrived home dryish, we managed to avoid the worse of the showers, then it was the job of offloading the bike and unpacking our bags, I find that's always the worse thing about going away, don't you?  

After a good nights sleep and a lazy day I decided that I would play around with a bit of Fimo rather than get my paints out, modeling with polymer clay is something I can do sitting on a comfy sofa with a tray on my knee. 

Keeping up with my toadstool designs I done a few sketches......

Toadstool sketches
........... and made a few of these......

Toadstool Pendants
They're not finished yet, they still need to be baked. I've made quite a few and I will experiment with some of them by using a dark wash with acrylic paint to give an aged look. So watch this space.

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Wishing you all a great and dry week

Jan x


  1. Wow Jan! These are gorgeous. Love those toadstools.
    Typical British summer ey! I don't think wherever you go the unpacking is the worst bit, along with the washing!

  2. That shop is amazing, I love that episode of Grand Designs.
    Your toadstools are looking good, but I think they'll look really good with a dark wash over them- look forward to seeing them.

  3. I love that shop only about 14 miles from home. Well done on not getting too wet and very brave on a bike at that plus you got to admire London's overflow car park what could be better. Love the toadstools as said before something so magical about them

  4. Camping and biking in this weather? Still, if you waited for good weather you wouldn't do anything this summer. Sounds like you enjoyed it anyway. Love the toadstools - just gorgeous x

  5. those toadstools are completely gorgeous, i can't wait to see them when they're finished!

    Its always nice when you can do some 'on sofa' crafting isn't it :)

    your are very brave for attempting any camping in this weather! i'm really glad that you had a good time :) x

  6. oooh, love the fimo pendants. They are absolutely fabulous xxx

  7. They are really gorgeous, Jan. You are so clever with your toadstools, and the colours are really sharp. Sounds like a nice mud bath that you both had? Biking AND camping - how brave in this dreadful weather. You are right - I hate the unpacking part and for some reason it takes me ages finding places to put everything - yet they must have come from a particular place when I packed them. Hope you have a good week.

  8. I love the toadstools. There is something rather magical about them.

  9. Glad to hear you had a lovely time despite the weather. Your toadstools are gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the dark wash turns out. Ali x

  10. Great toadstools! These would look good as big earrings I think, as well as pendants. Must get my Fimo out soon, been on a beading trip of late :)

    Sorry the British summer is such a wash-out, but glad to see you haven't let it spoil your fun. Been in the mid 30s here in the Czech Republic, but cooler this week.

  11. Love the toadstools! I don't know whats happened over the last week but I've developed a love for gnomes and gnomey things and for some reason toadstools remind me of them!

    Looking forward to seeing what they look like when they are finished!


  12. Like the toad stool pendants. Can't wait to see them finished. Are they magic toadstools? If so can you magic this rain away please!!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  13. I like what you've done with the Fimo. If you go onto my website you can see some buttons my friend Barbaa Jepson has made. They are in the shop.

    Thank you for popping over to my blog and seeing the Doodly Birds, they like to have new visitors
    Best wishes

  14. You are very brave Jan! Glad you had a nice time, and despite the weather it looked lovely.
    As do your new pendants, looking forward to seeing the end results x

  15. Love that little village shop!really like the toadstools,they're looking good!

  16. These are so lovely! I bought some clay to try tags.

  17. Jan - you so have to use the toadstool as your logo... they make me smile when I see them! :)

  18. If it's not wet and muddy, then it's not camping :-)

    Fantastic sketches. You're a very good artist.


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