Sunday, 16 October 2011

Note Holders and To Do Lists

Another week has passed and the weather is getting colder, I woke up this morning to lovely blue skies and bright sunshine but my, it was chilly. I'm not complaining though, it is October after all. 

I had a table at a local charity fair on Saturday and although there wasn't as many people there as we had hoped, we done quite well. Most of my 'takings' were for commissioned pieces or personalised items so it seems like I'm going to have another busy week catching up on orders. 
Lots of business cards were given out so future orders may hopefully follow.

I did sell a few of my note holders.
These two were bought by the same person for Christmas 'Stocking fillers' for her friends.

 Another thing that done well on the day were my Chalkboards, you can check them out by following the link.

As part of the Wear it Pink campaign I decided that for the month of October, every time I showed something pink on my blog I would 'pop some pennies in the pot' at my local Cancer Research Shop
So I think this Plaque counts for a few pennies.

How about these, they are pink aren't they??

Don't forget, it is for charity.

Maybe followed by some of these.................for charity

Ok, so now I need to use this.................

instead of the 'real' thing.

I'm off to make myself a cup of coffee, with 2 calories worth of sugar then I'm off to pop my link onto the linky thing on Wendy's blog.
Don't forget to mosey on over to 1st Unique Gifts and have a look at what some other crafty peeps are up to.

Take care to one and all

Jan x


  1. Ooooooh Jan...I love those little pink wafers!! Am hungry now!! And your plaques as usual are great!!! xx

  2. Plenty of pink on your blog this week! Great plaques as always Mich :)

  3. I love your little note holders! Great stocking fillers.

    I am finding the Craft Markets a little slow at the moment, hope it picks up for Christmas!
    michelle x

  4. I love the pink theme - especially the smarties and those wafery biscuit things - takes me back!

  5. loving the pink stuff and all for a great cause :o) x

  6. Love the plaques and love the pink too! x

  7. I love that you are donating money for each pink item on your blog and you have also inspired me to look for Pink Smarties too :-) Keep up the good work!

  8. Yum, yum - pink Smarties. I like your To-Do lists - very different.

  9. Love the pink. Didn't know all pink smarties existed.

  10. Well, aren't you a sweetie, doing your part for breast cancer! :) Bless you.

  11. Glad you had a good fayre, Breast cancer is such a worth while cause to support, I have chosen that to promote this month on my blog xx

  12. I love pink and the note holders are such a good idea and so pretty, thank you for visiting my blog

  13. I love your stocking fillers they're just perfect for those 'difficult to buy for' people. I liked your 'PS' on my blog - you and me both! Those pink pics are fab esp the Smarties

  14. note holders - how great and creative!
    love the sydney plaque, it definitely makes a statement, hard not to notice it! :) x x

  15. Great work, love the note holders ( I could do with some of those the amount of loose bits of paper I have flying about.. well Christmas is coming so I will have to treat myself!)
    I just *have* to find pink smarties.


  16. I can def. vouch for the chalkboards, my G/kids love them. I originally hadthem for Christmas but, of course, they can chalk the days down to any exciting forthcoming activity. A big hit with them.
    I am not talking about all that pink fatening gunge - supposed to be on a diet.

  17. Great post, such a good cause, and pink smarties too!

  18. What a lovely idea with the note holders - don't think my to do list would fit on there somehow:) What a lovely way of contributing.

  19. Hi, Jan! Glad you did well at a craft fair, love your note holders, never seen anything similar before...excellent idea xxx

  20. Woohooo! Can't have too much pink! And what a great idea for the Wear it Pink campaign

  21. lovely plaques, Also liking the pink smarties x


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