Friday, 24 June 2011

Yay, I done it.

Yay, I'm so pleased with myself I just had to write down my achievement. It may only be a small step for some but if you know me you would know that it is a huge step for me.... my son is so proud of me, well he said he was while slowly shaking his head from side to side and giving deep sighs!

And what is this achievement?

I managed to put my 'versatile blogger award' into my sidebar.... on my own!

It took a while, I've struggled with this all week, I read the instructions, over and over, I thought I was doing everything right, but it still wasn't happening. I walked away from the computer, I went back and I tried again, no joy, I switched the thing off and went to bed. Over the next few days I tried again and again and it still wasn't happening, it was so frustrating but I was determined that I was not going to send out a plea to my son. 

This 'thing' was not going to beat me. 

I had another go and after growling like a grizzly bear, pacing the room when I got too frustrated, tapped out a tune with my nails but just stopping short from actually throwing the computer out of the window 
(the practical side of me jumped in and reminded me that the expense of repair to both window and computer wasn't worth it, the mess would be horrendous and I am probably too much of a weakling to do it anyway). 
But I persevered and hey ho yes yes yes it worked, I must admit, I done a happy dance around the house, made myself a congratulatory cuppa and celebrated with a slice of cherry pie.
So what was I doing wrong? what was my mistake?...... well, when I was pasting the URL into the link box I hadn't realised that I had doubled up the http://
Such a easy, simple, silly mistake and one I won't be making again 'hopefully'

So from a happy me, bye for now...

Jan x


  1. hehehehe I can relate to your dilema. At least I can learn from your mistake lol. I am going to have a go at doing mine today - the hardest for me is answering the questions.

  2. I wasn't too bad with my list of 'randoms' but it took me ages to compile my links. Good luck with yours :o)
    Jan x

  3. It took me ages and ages and ages to figure out how to post links to folksy shops and that was after getting help so well done for working out how to put your award on your blog.. I haven't attempted that yet!


  4. Well done! - I know from bitter experience how frustrating blogs can be!

  5. Yeah - you did it - well deserved award :)

  6. Hoping this will be good news...

    I'd like to give you the One Lovely Blog award to add to your versatile blogger.

    But I won't be offended if adding it to the side bar isn't worth the stress! You can grab the button from my blog (if you want to!) lol

    Anna x


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