Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Bananamoo Door for Handmade Monday

As some of you may know, I have a shop on Etsy called Jan Ryan Art  and one evening while checking out and commenting on the forums, I received a message from a successful  Etsy seller asking if I could paint one of my Fairy Doors but make it in the style of her shop and include her shop logo, and it's such a cute logo.

Bananamoo Logo

Bananamoo is filled with yummy looking 'Non Edible' sweets, cakes and cookies. If you want Dolls House Sweeties then check out these polymer clay kisses...

Non Edible Sweeties

 This jumbo faux lollypop would make a great party decoration....

Party Prop Lollipop

or how about these cookies to use as photo props or they could be made into magnets or even hair slides....

Polymer Clay Cookies

These goodies were the inspiration for my hand painted Bananamoo Door. I do love the giant lollypops with the cherries on top. Where there's a cute cow there has to be a bottle of milk.

Bananamoo Door

I decided on pink for the door frame and matching window frame, it goes really well with the look of the shop and logo.

Kisses and Cookies Hand Painted Door

The wooden door could be fixed to a wall or can be free standing on a shelf or table.

Door commissioned by Bananamoo on Etsy

If you'd like to commission your own door just let me know via here or My Etsy Shop

To find more polymer clay food pop over to Bananamoo on Etsy

Jan x

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Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Happy Friday Sketchbooks

Have you ever put something away in a 'safe place' never to find it again? 
I thought that happened to me and some of my sketch books, I couldn't find them and my worse fears were I had put them in a carrier bag and thrown them out in error, something I'd never do, my sketchbooks are precious and I often refer back to them and I'm always adding to them. I'd even taken photo's of the books and lots of the pages to keep as reference on the computer.
But this week....
I found them.

My Sketchbooks

 My books are important to me, I make notes, not just in writing but in paint, oil pastels and ink.

A selection of pages

 I jot down ideas, compile and compare colours. 

Colour Board

I play around with tissue paper, chalks and paint. I occasionally use a bit of gold leaf.

Playing with the colours

And a couple of Tree Frogs just because they are so cute.

Cute Tree Frogs

I hope you have enjoyed looking at some of my sketchbook pages. I'd love to know if you keep a sketchbook, diary or some sort of journal. 

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Jan x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Little Wooden Houses

I've been busy painting houses, no not real houses...
Little wooden houses....

The Washday House

The Washday House has pretty Lattice Windows and laundry on the washing line. The spotty top goes well with the jeans.
The Gardner's House

The Gardeners House has a Black Cat sitting in the window.
The Library

These Reading Rooms have books on the window sills and a lady sitting reading in the upstairs room.
The Blue House

 The Blue Roofed House complete with a white owl perched on a post in the garden.

The washday house also has a little hedgehog nestling 
among the flowers in the garden, can you see him?
Hand Painted Wooden Houses

The Orange Gardner's House has vases of flowers in the windows 
and a spade and fork in the garden.


 The reader sitting at the window is enjoying a mug of tea 
as well as her books.  
A Group of Wooden Houses

 The Blue House has the family name above the door 
and a lamp to light up the garden.


These little houses were a joy to paint, they have all been personalised especially for the customers needs and are painted on all sides.

If you would like to commission a little house just get in touch, all my links are in the side bar.

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Jan x

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Planet Penny's Happy Friday....

Motorway service stations are not the best of places but occasionally we have to make a stop or two. This week hubby and I stopped for a break at a M6 service station. It was a lovely sunny day and we chose to sit in the sunshine beside a lake in a lovely picnic area......

The Geese are so used to people walking around they completely ignored me.

Even the Duck was happy to stay put while I took the photo's, I love the colours of the feathers in the sunlight.

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Have a great week

Jan x